In the Jungle

Trekking trip through the Thailand jungle … my feet are hurting … some muscles are hurting. But I feel GOOD.

Yesterday we took a shower under the waterfall, I practised some Yoga today and after breakfast Today we crossed the jungle on elephants and did a bamboo raft on a river. Pics will follow 😉

Those days with a bunch of cool people made me feeling good.

It took some time for me to arrive in this country. I was quite those days. I cleared my mind and emptied my cup.

It’s not that easy. Everybody has it’s own drawers where to put one in. And so do I.

It is a great challenge to leave the drawers open so that one gets the chance to come out and show his (or her) self.

Tomorrow we will leave for a day trip to Chiangmai Rai, Laos and Birma … The so-called Golden Triangle.