Today we did a day trip to the former capital of Thailand … Ayutthaya. It had been the capital in the 15th century (if I understood it right. Our tour guide was quite nice but she mixed up several languages so we caught only half of the information.

The ruins of Ayutthaya are really … ruins. There are several places you can visit. One with a looooong lying Buddha, one with an enormous high Buddha sitting and watching your steps. And one with a lot of sitting Buddhas with no arms and heads.

There had been a war with Birma and the Birmasians (???) chopped off the heads and arms of every statue.

After the 4th temple we got very tired. Not only because if the walking but for the weather. It was getting very hot and the humidity rose. It reminded me of Cameroun where the humidity is about 95%.

After all it’s worth seeing it but after two or three temples you’d seen it all. Everywhere the same same but different (inside joke).

The UNESCO and the Thailand government is spending a lot of money to take care of those ruins. Everywhere you can see construction areas and working men & women.

But the surroundings are really … broken. Since I stay in Thailand I am really surprised by its cleanliness and it’s busyness. Every single person seem to work. Not in Ayutthaya. Never seen that much rubbish on the sideway, so many dirt and dirt and dirt again 😦

After lunch (this time real Thai food *yummie*) we visited the former King’s Palace. The rules are the same as in a temple (no shorts, no ‘sexy’).

We (SistA & Me) were very tired so we decided to rent a caddy *LOL* That was very fun.

We explored the King’s Palace (which is nice & clean) and had lots of fun.

Now we are on the way to the fish tanks … to be continued 😉