A New Life on our Earth

Last week my best friend gave birth to her daughter. Weight 2950 g, Length 50cm. Today I saw her (and her baby) the very first time.

To see them moved me deeply. To see (and realise) the unity, to feel it … It was a very special (and loooong) moment.

It was not meant for me to be a mother. It is like it is. No regret, no sorrow about it. But … I loved to see my friend as a mother (what a difference) and to watch her daughter sleeping, moving … very small, tiny and fragile.

In one word … it was AMAZING !!!

In addition … it is sooooo funny. The life of a newborn is soooo funny. Sleep, food, sh**, sleep, food, sh**, sleep, food … sh** … and so on, an so on.

Can’t wait to see her growing up 🙂

Luv ya, MUM ❤

(pic seen @ https://www.facebook.com/SeelenFutter)