The importance of a daily yoga practice

I need to remind myself of implementing a daily yoga practice. But I also need to answer the question (for myself) …What defines a daily Yoga Practice? Is it always doing asanas? Yoga is so much more than doing asanas.

The only thing I know is that skipping my asana practice for more than one day makes me dissatisfied, I feel frustrated, I get angry more easily … long story short … I don’t like myself!

What to you think?

the purple mat

ImageMany yoga students are seduced by the popular images of yoga found in magazines, websites, blogs and videos: Beautiful yogis suspended in breathtaking asanas, their bodies lean and muscular, their countenance filled with spiritual enlightenment.

What these popular images fail to convey, however, is that at one point these yogis struggled as beginners to nail an Ardha Chandrasana or a beautiful Urdhva Dhanurasana. They did not step away from the toils of daily life and onto a mat to find instant bliss nor perfection.

It took hours, days, weeks, months, indeed years, for these yogis to achieve their inspiring poses — their state of focus.

If there is one thing that best captures the spirit of the Yoga Sutras, it’s the idea — the importance — of a daily practice.

You can buy the most expensive eco-friendly yoga mats and the most fashion-forward yoga pants and tops, but if you…

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