Write in Peace

Write without Distractions Using ommwriter

OmmWriter is a staple for those who want to take the distraction out of writing, and its app is particularly good for cutting away the clutter of word-processing programs on the iPad and the Mac.

When you open Ommwriter – available for Mac, Windows, and iPad – everything on your screen melts away, and in place appears a serene writing environment.

Your choices are purposefully minimal. For backgrounds, there is a snowscape or a warm gradient. For sound effects, the din of a long train ride or ambient instrumentals. There are four font choices and three typewriteresque sound effects (a feature we love).

This is all for the free Dana I version. If you crave more options the Dana II version sports a pay-what-you-want model, à là Radiohead and includes a much larger variety of ambiances.

(Netted by the Webbys)