Unexpected Timeslot

What to do with an unexpected timeslot, a laptop, a smartphone and a quite space at Gate C … you are shooting a video and making a movie 😉

An incident due to technical problems of the engine made me stuck at International Airport Hamburg in August. It took some time to rebook the ticket and to check-in again.

After having a coffee or two I was looking for a spot where I can do my yoga practice. I skipped it in the morning because I needed to be at the airport to get my plane.

I found a great spot at Gate C and for the first time in my life I decided to turn on the camera and video my practice. It was a short one though (round-a-bout 20min) and I totally forgot the camera.

With iMovie I created this trailer. Without any entitlement to transfer a higher message … just … have fun and enjoy your self, even if you get stuck 😉

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