Yoga and the Seasons


“Ayurveda is considered a sister science to yoga, both coming from the Vedic tradition in India and are approximately 5000 years old. The word Ayurveda translates as ‘the science of longevity’ and includes using herbs, food, asana poses and what is known as pancha karma (purification practices) to heal and balance an individual. All people are unique and not one prescription therapy would be used for another person.

Currently we are in the fall season, which is known as vata season in Ayurveda. Each season has it unique characteristics that require different changes to our diet, yoga practice, etc… in order to keep ourselves in balance. Vata is comprised of space and air and characteristics include light, dry and windy. To balance vata, grounding is required. Moving slower and more deliberately in yoga, eating heavy, oily, denser foods, all help to balance out the airy environment around us.

Vata season is a natural time to deepen your spiritual work.”

~ Samantha Sidari Tollinchi

Couple of days ago I was kind of wondering why my early morning practice let me – unintentionally – more to the seating positions. My self led practice is a great inspiration for my classes and therefore my teachings were more serious, quite, slowly and … grounding.

After my time in New York City last April I started to read more about the quality of the seasons and the effect on the mind, body (and soul) so I came to the same conclusion but couldn’t put this into the right words. 

I am very glad and grateful I found this piece of knowledge.

Thinking about learning more about Ayurveda 🙂

2 thoughts on “Yoga and the Seasons

  1. I’ve been quite interested in Ayurveda for a while, too. I even booked my first panchakarma treatment in India for this winter – so exciting! 🙂
    Do you have any book tips about Ayurveda and the change of the seasons?

    1. Hi Mel, that’s so exciting. Thought myself about a treatment in Indonesia.

      I highly recommend “Staying healthy with the Seasons” by Elson M Haas.

      It’s not a special book dedicated to Ayurveda but it’s great to get into it.

      Have fun and enjoy it.

      And I hope you keep us updated on your blog with posts from your treatment 🙂


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