Dis-Connecting Sounds So Easy!

I just wrote a note on Facebook about ‘un-friending’ …

I wrote that I’m going to unfriend a couple of connections on facebook the next few days.

I asked my friends to not question it, to not judge me for this, to not be angry, dissapointed, shocked, sad … whatever feelings someone have when they got unfriended.

I told them I don’t have a grudge against them either. I’m un-friending especially that one person because there is no interaction BETWEEN them and no relation between them and me (add ‘anymore’ if you like).

My Facebook page is supposed to share information about me and my personal life with my friends, whether I know them in person or not. D

I asked them to not judge me for friending people I don’t know in person either. There once was a time when correspondence with a pen friend was socially absolutely accepted and welcomed. What counts in a friendship is the interaction, right?

I asked them If they are (only) interested in my yoga dedicated life (and therefore in me as a potential client) they should feel free to like my Facebook page http://www.facebook.com/yogamand or or visit my webpage http://www.yogamand.de

Dis-Connecting is not so easy as it sounds, even on a platform like Facebook.

Everybody who once heard the phrase let it go knows what I am talking about.

So be assured that I’ll be very careful about every ‚unfriend’ click.