Too many asymmetrical poses can create sacroiliac joint issues

I.Love.Symmetry … you know that already. And here is the explanation because sometimes it’s nice and very helpful to hear (or read in this case) the same story in different words. Enjoy reading ❤

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I must admit: before I started my viniyoga teacher training, I’ve never heard of sacrum issues. Sure, I knew what sacrum was, but my first teacher training program never talked about it, my students never complained about it, I haven’t had any trouble myself. So I’ve moved through life blissfully unaware, until I started my viniyoga teacher training.  Then all of the sudden sacrum became front and center. I would hear “this pose can be problematic if you have sacrum issues”, “do this to take care of your sacrum”, “make sure you don’t feel any discomfort in your sacrum”, etc. You know how when you decide to buy a certain car you start seeing it everywhere? Same happened for me with sacrum. All of the sudden I’ve discovered that sacrum issues are everywhere and yoga practice often creates or contributes to the problem.

3d rendered illustration - sacrumWell, to be more specific, it’s not…

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