YogaMand’s Schedule ::: 10/20 to 10/26

No classes this week so you can lean back and think about … things 😉

relaxMaybe this little gem inspires you as much as it inspired me when I read it on Instagram the other day.

Dear New Yogi,

I overheard you tell the teacher that this was your first yoga class. That’s why I laid down my mat next to you in hopes that my energy and smiles could calm you and you’d feel less intimidated.

When I caught your eye in the mirror, it was because I noticed you were comparing yourself to other yogis and I wanted to stop you in the middle of this to tell you not to compare yourself to other students.

When the teacher adjusted you, I wasn’t looking with judgment, I simply wanted to learn how she was adjusting you so I could adjust myself.

When you fell out of crow pose, I smiled not because I was laughing at you but because I admired your courage to try this on your first day. And I smiled because I remembered face planting many times the way you did.

When I breathed loudly next to you, it was so you could focus on your own breath since I could hear you losing yours.

After savasana, I wanted to hold your hand and tell you how amazing you did but you had already left. I hope you come back.

Love, Me ♡

These beautiful words were written by a bright shining soul named Lydie.
If you have an IG-Account go check Lydie out and follow her @simply_lydie


::: next class Monday, Oct 27, 800 ~ Get Ready, Jivana, Stuttgart :::

Relax, have fun and enjoy your practice ❤


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