Twinning Challenge on Instagram

Take 8 Days, 16 hosts, 1 twin, and over 5000 posts and you get a smashing #TwinningChallenge … I’m stoked to have co-hosted my very first Instagram Challenge with the glorious #handywhores – a badass handstand family I met in this world of little squares ❤

With Kira I got a twin, a sister, a friend that I never met before yet feel a connection with and love for. Thank you, Love for your amazing unconditional support. You are a rockstar in my book and I am super proud to be your ‚twin‘ ❤ ❤ ❤

This little collage is only a recap of 8 days of posting. If you are intersted in every single capture (including information and/or instructions) please visit my Facebook page or my InstaGram profile 🙏