YogaMand at Noquochoke Lake

„Heaven is a little closer in home by the water“ ~ seen on a shelf in Susan’s House


Last weekend I spent with my HandstandSista and dear friend Susan and her family in New England. She lives close to the sea but her home is right at this beautiful lake.

Why am I sharing this? Well, the last two weekends I spent at the water. Instantly I knew what I am missing at home … water. The air, the breeze, the bonfire at the riverside or the shore, the bikinis, the sand between the toes. An idea was born. An idea which hopefully brings me a bit closer to my dream.

I want to encourage you to give yourself enough space to discover what is growing inside you. Allow yourself to think about it, to be creative and courageous, experience new paths and try something new every single day of your life. Things will grow.

Enjoy the journey, Loves ❤