Twinning Challenge 2.0 👬👭 Day.1 #PigeonPose Variation

FlyingPigeonPlease do the variation that’s right for you – no need for heroes. Please tag at least one host and our epic sponsors along with using #TwinningChallenge in your post copy so we can find you (on InstaGram only)

… and here we are. Welcome to #Round2 for some more #twinningfun 👬👭 We are super excited to see your #twinning awesomeness over the next 7 days. I have the great honour to twin again with my #twinbyheart Kira. She is an incredible capable and beautiful yogi – from the inside and the outside!!! Go check her feed if you haven’t yet ❤

Kira, I love you to pieces and I will be forever grateful for the friendship and the love we share for each other.

Em and Angela are rockin Day 1 it already in their own super hawt and incredible elegant mermaid variation. Kira and I are going rogue with
#FlyingPigeonPose #EkaPadaGalavasana

The Twinning hosts 👬👭
Day 1 #EkaPadaRajaKapotasana Variation @collectiveyoga @angela_inspired
Day 2 #BaddhaUtthitaParsvaKonasana @mumma_joy76 @_just_joni_
Day 3 #GarudasanaInSirsasana @karenroperyoga @stephaniekicksbutt
Day 4 #EkaPadaAdhoMukhaSvanasana Variation @ninayogalife @yogalu123
Day 5 #ParsvaBhujaDandasana GUEST HOSTS
Day 6 #Ustrasana Variation @yogamand @buddhamom76
Day 7 #AdhoMukhaVrksasana Variation @reganwarner @jsesti

Our Twinning sponsors 👭👬
@werkshop @liforme @openheartwarrior @infinitystrap @21drops

👉 Check in with @mumma_joy76 and @_just_joni for tomorrow’s pose 👈