Twinning Challenge 2.0 👬👭 Day 6 Camel Pose Variation

Kira and I have the honor to host the second to last day of this mini challenge and we chose a Wide Open Heart Pose. We are blown away by the awesomeness we see in the gallery. I am speechless and not able to find the right words to say THANK YOU for all your heart-filling posts.


Only recently I found my love for this asana. It used to be a nuisance for me (like so many other poses 😂😂😂). By now I love the uplifting effect of this heart-opener while feeling the grounding at the same time. I love to feel my legs working while moving along a sphere to get around myself.

If camel pose bothers you don’t fret. Start with simple Bridge Pose, Fish Pose to open your front body aka core. Make sure you are warmed up before you approach a deep backbend. Especially your hip flexors need some extra love with some low or high lunges. Twists are great supporters to back bends, too.

Have fun exploring the variation and choose a variation that’s right for you – no need for heroes. Tag at least one host and our epic sponsors along with using #TwinningChallenge in your post copy so we can find you.

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