Twinning Challenge 2.0 👬👭 Final Day 7 HandStand Variation

… and *kabooooom* here it is .. the last and final day of an amazing week. It’s been an amazing time with all of you and I can’t believe my eyes when I see the tremendous amount of your little squares. I can’t wait to catch up on all your spectacular pictures, stories and simply the joyful squares.

Thank you so much for all your shares, twinning creativity, laughter and love over the last 7 days!


Our real life twins Regan and Jen are closing another amazing and heart warming twinning journey with a badass twisty handy magic!!!

Today’s pose is all about getting on your hands and upside down. “Standing on your feet makes you feel you can be. Standing on your hand makes you feel you can do.“ I love this quote by my teacher because it describes perfectly how handstanding is „making” me capable! Check on Rey’s post for today for some alternatives and variations!

And if handstand is not in your practice, ask a teacher, use a friend, a wall, or whatever you like and do the variation that is right for you – no need for heroes. Tag at least one host and our epic sponsors along with using #TwinningChallenge in your post copy so we can find you (InstaGram only).

On my last twinning post I want to send a big {{{{{HUG}}}}} to my incredible #twinbyheart Kira ❤ She is such an angel and her soul is touching mine. With this second twintastic round I made the same experience as so many you – we grew together even more. Thank you so much for for the easiness and your incredible talent to match the me in me. Love you to the moon and back, Kira ❤

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