Crow Pose / Bakasana

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🌟 #March2💃5Poses 🌟
Day.9 is #CrowPose #Bakasana on our journey to Firefly aka Tittibhasana🐜
The first two days you’ve been doing amazing. I know it’s not easy to break a habit and do sth different. For today I give you another #AllTimeFavourite of mine to strengthen your arms and to gain some confidence 🐦
▶️ place your hands shoulder width distance apart (like in Plank Pose)
▶️ move your chest forward, bend your arms like Chaturanga. Your forearms are in a 90° angle to the ground
▶️ your feet almost want to lift on their own here. If this scares you lift one foot after another and bring your heels as close to your bum as possible. Eventually lift both feet, toes touching.
▶️ your focus point is ahead of you (30-50cm / 10-20in forward). Keep it!
▶️ lift your chest proudly, your arms pulling together, hands and fingertips firmly pressed to the mat
▶️ strive for a flat back. I know it’s not possible but imagine yourself with a flat back
▶️ you can straigthen your arms to Crane Pose. But that is totally optional 😁
▶️ Option 1: If you are new to this pose place a cushion under your face and two blocks behind you to stand on. Lift one foot after another then both feet
▶️ Option 2: Bring your knees outside the upper arm as close to your shoulders as possible. Press your legs together. Remember yesterdays Garland Pose? Crow is no different from it except that you are on your hands here.
▶️ Option 3: Bring your knees as close to your armpits as possible. Remember the ForwardFold? Here it is again 😉
Don’t forget to do your warm-ups. Do the exercises of Day.7 and Day.8. Then you can proceed to practice today’s pose.
🎥vid is 2x sped up.
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(originally posted on Instagram by @yogamand on Mar 9, 2016)