Shoulder Press / Bhujapidasana

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🌟 #March2💃5Poses 🌟
Day.10 is #ShoulderPressingPose #Bhujapidasana on our journey to Firefly aka Tittibhasana 🐜
soooo, today we are combining the last days to one pose. I’d loved to write a bit more how amazing you all are. Captions on InstaGram are limited so I use it for the tips and cues hoping you don’t mind 🤗 I recommend practicing Day.7 to Day.9 exercises 5min every day.
▶️ start with Malasana as described on Day.8
▶️ lift your bum and place your hands right behind your heels. Fingers pointing forward
▶️ jam your shoulders like on Day.8
▶️ lift your chest proudly. Imagine a slight backbend. Again, I know it’s not possible but just imagine it
▶️ walk your feet to the midline and interlock your ankles
▶️ lean forward, bend your arms like yesterday’s CrowPose #ChaturangaArms
▶️ your focus point is ahead of you (30-50cm / 10-20in forward)
▶️ keep your knees as close to your shoulders as possible
▶️ start to straighten your legs. Knees are bent (remember that Forward Fold of Day.1? You can’t escape 😁)
▶️ feet are pulling apart, knees are hugging the midline
▶️ Option 1: If your wrists are not ready yet place two blocks right behind your feet. Grab the blocks. I rather see you on blocks than seeing weird hand shapes 👍🏼
▶️ Option 2: Start from a sitting position. My fav way to get into it. For me it’s possible to bring in the knees higher and my feet lock is more solid 🔒
Don’t forget to do your warm-ups. Then you can proceed to practice today’s pose
Please check my amazing #IGbesties & co-hosts for their variations of the day ⤵ Be mindful with your body and your practice. You don’t have to tag all of us but please show some love to our epic sponsors along with using #March2💃5Poses in your post copy so we can find you.
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(originally posted on InstaGram by @yogamand on Mar 10, 2016)