Tortoise Pose / Kurmasana

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🌟 #March2💃5Poses 🌟
Day.11 is #TortoisePose #Kurmasana on our journey to Firefly aka Tittibhasana 🐜
❗️Most important thing today is: NO NEED to bring your chest, nose or forehead to the ground. you can stay wherever you want as long as you keep yourself engaged. Don’t force anything, promised? Today’s vid shows not the full expression with straight legs, lifted heels and such. For me the most important thing here is the safe fold. Keep your back as flat as possible, stick the bum out and knees bent. Straight legs come over time when you practice the basic poses of this week consistently. Maybe you recognise by know that the techniques are repeating itself. In repetition is magic my teacher Nevine use to say 🙏🏼
▶️ today wear SOCKS. It will be so much easier😁
▶️ start in some kind of Malasana but sitting on the floor with your feet a further away, knees bent #ProudBentKneeNerd 😂
▶️ lean forward, bring your knees as high as possible (remember the ShoulderPress?)
▶️ bring your arms under your knees, put your palms flat on the floor
▶️ IMPORTANT bend your elbows and turn them upwards, palms still down. This will protect your joints
▶️ keep the arms bent, imagine a backbend
▶️ Lift your chest proudly, slide your chest along your shins as if you wanna reach your feet
▶️ hands are crawling further away. your legs will press you down. with the elbows bent you create a scaffolding to resist the jamming. You can literally lean into your legs (👉🏼we’ll need that tomo)
Don’t forget to do your warm-up and I recommend practicing Day.7 to Day.10 exercises. Then you can proceed to practice today’s pose.
Please check my awesome #IGbesties & co-hosts for their variations of the day ⤵Be mindful with your body and your practice. You don’t have to tag all of us but please show some love to our epic sponsors along with using #March2💃5Poses in your post copy so we can find you.
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(originally posted on InstaGram by @yogamand on Mar 11, 2016)