FireFly / Tittibhasana

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🌟 #March2💃5Poses 🌟
Day.12 is #FireFly #Tittibhasana and our journey comes to an end 🐜

YAY 👊🏼 Are you ready to fly with me? I’ve got some good news for you. 1st: NO NEED to straighten the legs to the fullest. It’s more important to squeeze your shoulders (and not the elbows or even lower). 2nd: there is no additional technique to apply than on the last 5 days. Basically we are repeating Day.10 for Shoulder Pressing. Except that we start to straighten our legs like yesterday. Awesome, right? 😁
🎥vid is real time

▶️ start in Malasana
▶️ lift your bum, place your hands right behind your heels, fingers pointing to your heels, knees as high up as possible
▶️ squeeze your shoulders, knees are hugging the midline, lift your chest proudly, palms firmly pressed down
▶️ your focus point is ahead of you (30-50cm / 10-20in forward)
▶️ start to straighten your legs by pushing the ball of your big toe forward. It’s easier to lift the legs together

❗️The more you lower your bum with straight legs the more you need to lean into your fingertips. Make sure to warm-up your wrists properly with some #dreaswriststreats #dreastittitips❗️

▶️ Option 1: If your wrists are not ready yet place two blocks behind your feet 👍🏼
▶️ Option 2: Start from Kurmasana. Personally my fav entry 😍

Today, for the first time ever, I have secret questions for you. Please let me know if you had an aha moment over the past 5 days and if so when/what was it? Is there sth you didn’t like at all and why?

Don’t forget to do your warm-up. I recommend practicing Day.7 to Day.11 exercises. Then you can proceed to practice today’s pose. Thank you so much for all of you who took part in this journey to Titti. You all ROCK 💯

Please check my sweet #IGbesties for their variations ⤵ Be mindful with your body and practice 👉🏼Be sure to check with my lovely Clare @clarerdubai for day 13.

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(originally posted on InstaGram by @yogamand on Mar 12, 2016)