YogaMand’s Schedule ::: Apr 3 to Apr 10

“Use your injury for your advantage” ~ Abbie Galvin


Four days with no asana practice at all, and only since yesterday I can do some gentle stretching to keep my body mobile. My yoga practice consists of lots of breathing and meditation. Lots of time to reflect, contemplate and reconsidering … things 🤔

It’s so hard for me and I guess for all of us who are so used to move and practice physically each and every single day to accept that your body, your inner guru, your teacher needs a break. ‚He‘ usually send signs and all the phrases of ‚listen to your body‘ and such .. well, I thought I’d listen but obviously I didn’t. My body’s system shut down, zero, made me practice CouchAsana 🛋

There is a higher meaning in everything. It’s just hard and sometimes even harder to see it and to realize that Universe takes unexpected turns simply because ‚It‘ knows better.

Well, I hopefully learned my lesson. So, here’s to #Patience with Savasana, Child’s Pose and supported #FishPose #Matsyasana with the help of my #DharmaYogaWheel #DYW 🐠 the only poses I am able to practice right now without any restraints. I’m honest … I truly enjoy it but to the same amount I miss my regular home practice 😕

so, no weekly schedule this week but I’m pretty sure some amazing teachers are subbing in for my classes on

Wednesday, Apr 6 , 1630 ~ Back Care, Jivana, Stuttgart
Thursday, Apr 7, 1630 ~ Katonah Vinyasa, Vinyasa Yoga Sindelfingen

Enjoy your practice, Lovelies ❤

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