Info & Schedule ::: June 17 to June 23

An asana is not static. It’s a constant state of hovering in every direction. Mediating polarities. Going where you don’t go. Because having a dog means taking it out for a walk. ~ Katonah Yoga Center

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Let’s get walking with some Katonah Yoga® on

Monday Jun 17, 800 ~ Jivana Yoga Studio, Stuttgart
Wednesday Jun 19, 1630 ~ Jivana Yoga, Stuttgart
Friday Jun 21, 1700 ~ Fuß über Kopf, Stuttgart
Friday Jun 21, 1830 ~ Fuß über Kopf, Stuttgart

::: next class Monday Jun 24, 800 ~ Jivana Yoga Studio :::


‼️  “The Katonah Weave” How to weave in the Katonah Yoga® material in YOUR class. A 10 hour program with me & Gillian Wagner Kronberg GER (Jun 29-30)
Teaching Language GERMAN

‼️  RETREAT Katonah Yoga meets Free Movement
with me & Susanne Baumann-Cox, Mallorca ESP (Jul 16-21)
Teaching Language GERMAN & ENGLISH


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