Info & Schedule ::: Sep 2 to Sep 8

Begin each new moon as a seed of potential. Allow the lunar pull to bring you out as you potentiate the crest of the wave—in the personal, as well as the communal.

Release and repeat.

©Katonah Yoga Center. Material by Nevine Michaan. Art by Susan Fierro

Monday, Sep 2, 800 ~ Jivana Yoga Studio, Stuttgart
Wednesday Sep 4, 1630 ~ Jivana Yoga Studio
Thursday Sep 5, 1800 ~ Yoga@PwC, Stuttgart (closed group)
Friday Sep 6, 1700 ~ Fuß über Kopf, Stuttgart

::: next class Monday Sep 9, 800 ~ Jivana Yoga Studio :::

ꪀꫀ᥊𝕥 ꫀꪜꫀꪀ𝕥ડ

➡️ Wild Soul Yoga Jam, September 15, GARAGE 229, Stuttgart

➡️ Katonah Yoga® 40hr Intensive, Oct 17-20 & Nov 22-24
YogaLicious, Klagenfurt, AUT (accredited education)

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