Info & Schedule ::: Sep 23 to Sep 29

The present is not a place where you land. It is an active state of hovering between the past behind you and the future in front of you, between efforts that rise and grace that rains down.

Be present with me next week on

Monday Sep 23, 800 ~ Jivana Yoga Studio, Stuttgart
Wednesday Sep 25, 1630 ~ Jivana Yoga Studio, Stuttgart
Thursday Sep 26, 1800 ~ Yoga@PwC, Stuttgart (closed group)
Friday Sep 27, 1700 ~ Fuß über Kopf, Stuttgart

::: next class Monday Sep 30, 800 ~ Jivana Yoga Studio :::

ꪀꫀ᥊𝕥 ꫀꪜꫀꪀ𝕥ડ

➡️ Katonah Yoga® 40hr Intensive, Oct 17-20 & Nov 22-24
YogaLicious, Klagenfurt, AUT (accredited education)

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Interested in a private session? Lots of options available, please email me or
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