Info & Schedule ::: Nov 18 to Nov 24

How do you find joy? Let your heart sing out to stage right. Directing your heart towards the Drishti of Joy puts your memories in the right place, allowing you to be grateful for everything brought you here. In this way, gratitude is the reflection of joy.

Art by Nevine Michaan. Illustrated by @susanfierroart

Find joy on

Monday Nov 18, 800 ~ Jivana Yoga Studio, Stuttgart
Wednesday Nov 20, 1630 ~ Jivana Yoga Studio, Stuttgart

Friday to Sunday Nov 22-24 ~ Katonah Yoga® 40hr Intensive ~YogaLicious, Klagenfurt, Austria (accredited education)

::: next class Wednesday Nov 27, 1630 ~ Jivana Yoga Studio :::

Next Events

➡️ Katonah Yoga® 40hr Intensive, Oct 25-27 & Nov 22-24
YogaLicious, Klagenfurt, AUT
accredited education

Events 2020
➡️ Katonah Yoga® 30hr Intensive, Mar 19-22,  Tigre Yoga Academie, Paris (F)
– accredited education –
➡️ YogaConvention, Linz (A), Apr 4-5
➡️ YogaVergnügen, Coburg (GER), Apr 24-26
➡️ BeWell, Buxtehude (GER), May 23
➡️ RETREAT “Katonah Yoga® meets Ayurveda” with me and Sunita Ehlers, May 24-28, Das Kubatzki, St. Peter-Ording (GER)

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