Happy New Year 2020


The great goal is to support personal and communal well-being. You’re the third hand that’s going to take this mind and this body and this breath and manipulate it so that it pumps it up into bigger function. The biggest function you can do is make yourself, in a sense, healthy, round, well-adjusted, buoyant, radiant and concentrated because wenn you are all of those things, then you have positioned yourself to be the center of a sphere.

You’ve positioned yourself so that you’re round so that if you fall you will bounce.

You’ve positioned yourself so that you’re not edgy so that you don’t bang into people and hurt them or hurt yourself.

You’ve positioned yourself, really, to be the best you can be.

Because the symbol of perfection is round and buoyant and spherical and well-adjusted. So the goal of these practices is to bring you into a position that allows you to up your game so that you can be all of these things.

Nevine Michaan


What better words than these for the last day of 2019. On New Year’s Eve. 2020 awaiting us with new goals, new positioning, probably new directions.

Wishing everyone a healthy, prosperous and truly spherical New Year.

©Katonah Yoga Center (2019). Material by Nevine Michaan. Art by Susan Fierro ❤️