From Slavery to Shackles

I never considered myself biased or felt complicit. Growing up with all kinds of people from different countries, one of my first lovers was an African-American, I work with Indians, African-Americans, Italians, Russians, … my godson is the love of my best friend and her African-American partner. I never felt any different towards anyone ever in my life.

And then .. I don’t have ANY PoC (People of Colour) in my yoga classes and I ask myself why is that so? Is it because the studio is too expensive? Is it because PoC don’t feel welcome in that studio? Is it because of me? I really don’t know. I was wondering if it is something I DO or DON’t do.

From Slavery to Handcuffs.

I want to learn more about the history of slavery now & then and what this White Privilege is all about.

I am determined to learn

– about white supremacy, racism, and bias in my own life and how I am complicit

– how I can leverage my privilege to create actual change

– how to show up better and embody anti-racism every day and not only when it’s prominent in news and media

To make a start I watched this documentary on Netflix last night. It gives you a searing understanding of the historic context of the systemic race problem. I was stunned. Not only because I saw what I saw but seeing the similarities to our – the German’s – own history of racism during German Reich.

“People say all the time, ‘I don’t understand how people could’ve tolerated slavery. How could they have made peace with that? How could people have gone to a lynching and participated in that? How did people make sense of the segregation, this white and colored-only drinking … This is so crazy. If I was living at that time, I would have never tolerated anything like that.’ – And the truth is, we are living at this time, and we are tolerating it.” ~ Bryan Stevenson, Interviewee

Justice too long delayed is justice denied. Now is the time to understand, and the whole world has to deal with it.


(I am aware this is not my area of expertise. I am simply sharing a documentary recommendation.)