Info & Schedule ::: Jul 13 to Jul 19

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Change might not be fast and it isn’t always easy. But with time and effort, almost any habit can be reshaped. ~ Charles Duhigg

Back in 2013 I started to work consciously with changing habits. First it was the uniqueness and the different way to move my body taught by Katonah Yoga Center ❤️. Change in movement bears the potential of insight and with the help of Marc Holzman I changed my daily habits regarding food, sleep, routines and allowing exceptions – relapses included.

In adding the LYT method created by Lara Heimann to my own practice and teachings another piece of the puzzle fell into place. Realising that strengthening the core is inertly connected to my core values made me realise that strengthening the body in a smart and intelligent way makes me work on a better version of myself on so many levels.

Connecting the mind and the soul through working on your body!

As a teacher it is my job to help you with the body part. The rest is up to you. Make it happen. Increase your movement experience, reshape your movement patterns with me on

Monday – July 13 – 8:00a – Jivana Yoga Stuttgart

Wednesday – July 15 – 4:30p – Jivana Yoga Stuttgart

::: next in-person class July 20, 8:00a, Jivana Yoga Stuttgart :::

(teaching language GERMAN, time zone BERLIN/CENTRAL EUROPE)


‼️ Katonah Yoga ONLINE TTs

Katonah Yoga Center is offering over 40 full scholarships for July Online TT. Please apply here.

July 3, 5, 25-26th – 10HR AN EXPLORATION OF KATONAH YOGA® AND TAOISM – Kyle Henry

July 12-15 – 10HR Digital Retreat for Cultivating Resilience – Dages Juvelier-Keates


July 22-24 – 5HR KATONAH YOGA ONLINE TUTORIAL – Nevine Michaan

July 27-30 – 10HR MINDFUL MOVEMENT – Ari Halbert

August 3 – 10 WEEK MENTORSHIP PROGRAM – Nevine Michaan + mentors

If you want to join please sign up for ZOOM. It’s for free and you can download the app in the AppStore and on GooglePlay.


Events 2020

Workshops & Teacher Trainings are on hold until further notice.


 YogaVergnügen, Coburg (GER), Apr 9-11, 2021

(please check :::here::: for sign up & details)


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Interested in a private session? Lots of options available, please email me or check out the website for a studio close to you.