Info & Schedule ::: Sep 7 to Sep 13

Make effort to become open and available knowing that when you become spacious, you have the ability to hold grace. ~ Katonah Yoga

Spaciousness as in three-dimensional. Spaciousness as in creating volume. Spaciousness as in moving in all planes. Holding grace as in being adaptable.

Get out of your two-dimensional, linear world.

©Katonah Yoga Center / art by Susan Fierro

Join me next week to become stable, mobile & adaptable

Monday – Sep 7 – 8:00a – Jivana Yoga Stuttgart

Wednesday – Sep 9 – 4:30p – Jivana Yoga Stuttgart

::: next in-person class September 14, 8:00a, Jivana Yoga Stuttgart :::

(teaching language GERMAN, time zone BERLIN/CENTRAL EUROPE)

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Most Workshops & Teacher Trainings are on hold until further notice.

 room4, St. Gallen (CH) – 40hr TT –  Sign Up Here, Aug 14-16 + Sep 18-20, 2020

 YogaVergnügen, Coburg (GER), Apr 9-11, 2021

(please check :::here::: for sign up & details)

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