LYT Yoga® Online Training Level 1: THE CORE CURRICULUM is Open for Enrollment.

*WERBUNG/PROMO* (and you know that I’d never recommended something I am not totally convinced about 💯)

Have you ever thought of doing an Online Yoga Teacher Training? Yes? Are you already a certified yoga teacher and ask yourself why you should do another one? I’ve been there, gone through all these questions. I highly recommend the LYT Yoga® course by Lara Heimann and I never regretted to join Lara’s first online TT ever last year. 🔥.

Although I already had two certifications in my pocket and years of teaching experience I was missing something in my tool box. More & more often I hit a (knowledge) wall when it came to find proper words to explain the processes behind all the yoga moves and philosophy we do in our practice. I yearned for a deeper understanding on how everything is connected. 

♨️TODAY (May 23, 2021) the registration for the next 200hr LYT YTT opens for enrollment. If you ever thought about doing it … NOW is the perfect moment.

♨️The training will start on June 20th but you CAN SAVE US$500 with early bird registration (up to June 5th).

♨️After registering you will get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to all course material including the 10 core flows (which is beyond amazing).

I‘ve done this training with cohort 1 in spring 2020 and continued with the Sequencing Labs & the ongoing 300hr training over the past few months. As a LYT Yoga® Ambassador, I’m happy to answer all your questions, send me an email, leave a comment on this post, get in contact with me on Instagram or Facebook. I am here for you ❤️.

If you think I did a good job in answering your questions I would greatly appreciate it if you choose to use this ➡️ link to register 🙏🏼🥰

Sharing a super short sequence of the LYT® RESET (vid is sped up 6x).

Did you ever wonder why every LYT Yoga class begins with it? Learn about the developmental stages in the training 💪🏻.

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