Tired of the meta universe

I am tired. I am so tired of what this Meta Universe became. Driven by algorithms and the greed of a company for more, more, more. I find myself liking and commenting on memes and getting lost in watching cat videos (and tbh… there are way better and funnier cat videos on TikTok 😹) but scrolling past all the yoga related pics, tutorials or reels which I don’t find interesting at all. I am not looking for you  pleasing the algorithms.

Instagram is not a joyous place for me anymore as it used to be, and I need some time to figure out what I want to do with it.

It truly makes me curious to see what I will miss… or won’t.

You can say „but all the connections“ and I will say: Those connections are established and won’t need the Meta Universe.

You can say „but all the inspiration“ and I will say: Everything repeats itself (aka it gets boring).

You  can say „but it keeps me accountable“ and I will say: To what? To post every day once or even more? To your practice? To your ego? To find YOUR yoga? If you can’t find it within yourself you won’t find it at all.

This is what I think about people: They want, they want and they want. However, if I actually gave them what they wanted, then they’d just get sick of it… People get sick of your name. People get sick of your name. People get sick of your face. It doesn’t matter what you do. Recognising those times, I would go even further out. I figured they’re going to get me anyway, so I may as well stretch out.

Joni Mitchell

This quote by Joni Mitchell spoke to me today because I felt like all my followers on Instagram got sick of me, too. So sick that they decide to unfollow me.

And so this is what I am doing for the next days. I am stretching out into the real universe with all its potential for the Unknown.

As always towards the end of a year (or the beginning of a new one) collages like this one are floating around.

Based on likes or views this is the result… which DOESN’T reflect my personal highlights at all. Well, except for the scar checks. Those are HUUUUGE highlights of my year.

In using this collage I announced on Instagram that I am going on a Meta Universe Abstinence. That means no Instagram, no Facebook, no What’s App for at least 7 days, most likely more than that.

I do love you all and I will come back… one way or the other ❤️.

P.S. If you need a recommendation for a great TV Show about greed and how it destroys people, families and communities. Watch DOPESICK. Just finished it yesterday. That’s the human race and I feel ashamed.

There is a new video „HalfMoon Rising“ in English on my YouTube Channel. Suitable for beginners who want to work towards Ardha Chandrasana (Half Moon).

Click on the image to open YouTube and

watch the videol.


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