Would’ve. Should’ve. Could’ve.

On Easter Monday I wanted to mount my offroad bike to prepare it for a nice tour on Tuesday. Stupid me. Should have sticked to the original plan … lazy afternoon on the balcony. I slipped, I couldn’t hold it, and it fell (not too fast, but not slow either) onto my left leg. It broke. Twice. If I am very lucky I won’t need a surgery.

Being human means that our bodies WEAR OUT. Of course, they do. that’s the DEAL when we STEP into them.

Wini Linguivic

Would’ve, Should’ve, Could’ve (in German we say Hätte, hätte, Fahrradkette. Makes no sense but pictures it perfectly). I really didn’t expect to write a blog post along the same line as only a few weeks ago 😔.

It happened. I can’t change a thing about it. And you can bet I am asking for the WHY. Two stupid accidents in within a few weeks. Both on the left side of my body. There must be a story behind, right?

I had so many plans for the weeks to come. Well, I need to adapt and modify.

A Lesson in Resilience.

That goes for my yoga practice, too. A hip surgery didn’t hinder me from practicing so it needs more than a broken leg. I am so grateful for KatonahYoga® and LYTYoga® to have learned to use my body and many props to make my practice useful and usable. There is so much I can do. I need it. My practice gives me the PEACE about this all.

On Wednesdays I usually practice with Ellen Sirot, so I asked her if she would mind me joining but modifying the heck out of it. I used my chair, many blocks not each and every one I own but still enough to control the movement, to calm my mind about this whole mess.

That’s the thing with a physical practice. It has a deep impact on your brain, where all the nerves come together.

ᵂᴱᴿᴮᵁᴺᴳ For exactly that reason I would have loved to join the next workshop NAVIGATE YOUR NERVES on 🔗LYT PRIME with Lara Heimann. I will practice it at some point but YOU have the chance to join it live, to ask questions about how nerves relay information. You can expect some nerve glides, fascial restructuring, and breathwork to help your nervous system feel fine-tuned and easy to navigate! And navigation is what we need these days.

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(Please note:Every class of mine will be subbed-in by wonderful teachers until further notice)