Back on Wheels.

Late start of my biker season.

It was a rough first half of 2022 for many reasons. The most visible one was dealing with broken bones (yes, plural. Occasions and actual amount of broken bones). Even now with all of it healing properly, getting back to some kind of normality the devil still sits on my back whispering words of fear and doubts.

You will slip again.

You will hurt yourself again.

You are not strong enough.

You are too old.

Leave it be!

Back on wheels. Finally!

So, it’s been quiet on my side but I am on my way back. I did it more than once, and I see no reason to not make it happen again.

Thankful for my Sister and her man for encouraging me like crazy to get back in the saddle .. literally.

After getting the bike ready (she got new shoes and a new rear rack) I am ready for new adventures. First ride this year with my sister and her man, touching base with our roots, walking down memory lane. Truly nourishment for the soul.

Can’t wait for the next trip with her.

I am a bit behind with writing and keeping my diary up-to-date so when we took these photos I was prepping my trip to Lake Como, Italy only a few days later. All went well and I got to train for the heatwave here in Germany. Motorbike riding gets really challenging when you need to shut the visor to keep the heat out. Not, that I experienced this for the first time in my life but it’s been a while. But that is for another story.