Finding Equilibrium.

Being an introvert by nature I have had a difficult time to connect with people all my life. I found methods and tricked myself (aka kicking myself in the ass) to find a healthy balance between being a hermit and interacting with … people.

The pandemic with all its ups and downs had more ups than downs for me.

I didn’t feel FORCED to stay at home.
I LOVED being at home and not having to BE with … strangers.
I LOVED connecting solely via video calls or social media apps to indulge in discussions.

Finally, I could stay at home without justifying it.

That said, I AVOID teaching online. I still don’t do it except with some private clients but mind, they are not strangers to me anymore 😉.

Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create.

Jana Kingsford

Dealing with Situations.

Well, now, that we start to find new ways to deal with the threats of our time we are  joining events like concerts, summer festivals, yoga workshops, and summer in general. It’s vacation time with all the parties, get togethers, BBQs coming with it … I feel like my connecting abilities are stunted.

Maybe I am not alone (maybe I am) in having the feeling of being crippled when it comes to .. other human beings.

I feel like a 50+ year old teenager. Uncomfortable among the grown-ups … sometimes.
I feel insecure .. sometimes.
I feel like I lost my sense of “vibing” … sometimes.

Lake Como.

Two weeks ago I joined a yoga weekend with the LYT family. I was so happy. Not only because I could enjoy a fab ride with my motorbike. I was really looking forward meeting my teachers Kristin, Rhonna and of course, Lara. It was a fabulous, and very hot, literally very hot weekend.

It was a mixed group, and as always you have the more quieter ones, and then there are the ones who cannot be loud enough to get their bigger share of attention. It gets too much, too loud very quickly. Too many triggers for my vatta nature.

Confession Time.

I feel very uncomfortable with so many unknown folks around me. Knowing that the balance of the literal and figurative room is off I tend to step back and give ground to those who need it. Not worth the fight, not worth the energy I would have to put in to balance the atmosphere. And, in this case it wasn’t on me to do so.

Balancing the Room.

That’s why I love getting to teach in-person. My classes are small. And I prefer it that way. Students come with their energy, sharing it with their community, passing it on from one to each other. If one student takes more than s(h)e gives the balance is off. The teacher has to step in. It drains you as a teacher with a big group.

Same with the setup of a class. Too much of this 🔜 draining. Too much of that 🔜 draining. If you are only doing hot yoga 🔜 draining. Only vigorous practice 🔜 draining. Only anatomy-based 🔜 draining (if not boring). Only breathing .. wait, that is necessary 😆.

It is in the Mix.

As always, it’s the healthy mix of everything. Stories, alignment, anatomy, information, fun, playing and goofing around … some may even sing or dance in a yoga class (not me 😂).

EnJOY a good mix with your community. Join me every Wednesday when 𝙋𝙝𝙮𝙨𝙞𝙤 𝙈𝙚𝙚𝙩𝙨 𝙔𝙤𝙜𝙖. Totally suitable for introverts 😉.


Wednesday, 3. August, 16:30-18 Uhr
Wednesday, 10. August, 16:30-18 Uhr
Wednesday, 17. August, 16:30-18 Uhr
Wednesday, 24. August, 16:30-18 Uhr
Wednesday, 31. August, 16:30-18 Uhr

Puls Killesberghöhe (former Jivana Yoga)

-Unterrichtssprache ist Deutsch-
suitable for advanced beginners


♨️ First class next month on Wednesday, April 5, 2023, 16:30-18 Uhr, Puls Killesberghöhe

Can’t wait to share my energy with you.

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