Forward Fold / Uttanasana

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🌟 #March2💃5Poses 🌟
Day.7 is a modified #ForwardFold #Uttanasana and I call it #MakeYourSelfAPackage 🐜
Hammies, we are coming for you. And we make your quads working a lot. Personally I see FireFly more as a forward fold than an arm balance. For a nice fold you need to fit in your self. Like the first fold in #Origami 🎌 If the first fold is crap the following folds are getting worse. Today I want to see your knees bend and a flat back instead of straight legs and normally a rounded lower back.

▶️ Place your feet hip distance apart. Place your two fists between your big toes.
▶️ Turn your heels slightly out #PigeonToedFeet
▶️ Naturally your knees fall inward, open them so your knees are straight above your ankles and the arch of the feet get activated
▶️ Bring your knees into your armpits. Keep them there as if they were glued together
▶️ Grab your shins from behind and pull your hands apart
▶️ Stick your butt out (tilt your pelvis forward)
▶️ Start to straighten your legs but only as far as you can keep your armpits and knee caps connected

Remember: Keep your legs bend all the time. Your quads have to work a lot this week which means that your hamstrings have to soften so you can lengthen them. Straight legs will come over time. Please don’t force it with compromising your lower back.
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Das ist schon ein Glücksgefühl … What a Sense of Pleasure …

(see below for English version)

… wenn man sich in einem Zeitungsartikel einer der größten deutschen Tagesszeitungen entdeckt. Die FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) hat am vergangenen Freitag
(13. Februar 2015) über Sylvia Daun, der Gründerin von KismetYogaStyle berichtet.

FAZ 20150213

Wie ein Bild von mir dazu erscheint? Nun ja, ich habe am letzten Samstag des Jahres 2014 eine liebe Anfrage von KismetYogaStyle bekommen, ob ich nicht zufällig am nächsten Tag Zeit für ein Fotoshooting in Tübingen mit der zauberhaften Fany Fazii hätte. Hatte ich natürlich, ich musste dafür nur meine Abfahrt nach Köln etwas nach hinten verschieben. Trotz Wintereinbruch kein großes Unterfangen.

Es ist unendlich untertrieben wenn ich behaupte, ich freue mich darüber … Leute, ICH TANZE AN DER DECKE. Die Welt steht Kopf *YIPPEEE*

Auch wenn mein Name in dem Artikel nicht erscheint (schließlich geht es hier ja um Kismet und die Gründerin Sylvia), kann ich es kaum fassen, dass Sylvia ein Bild von mir für den Artikel ausgewählt hat. Ich bin zutiefst dankbar für die riesige Chance, die mir Kismet geboten hat ❤


What a sense of pleasure …

… when you find yourself in an article in one of the biggest daily newspaper of Germany, the FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung). Last Friday (Feb 13, 2015) this article introducing Sylvia Daun, KismetYogaStyle was published.

Why is there a pic of Andrea you may ask. Well, I got a request on the last Saturday in 2014 from KismetYogaStyle. She asked if I -by accident- have time for a photoshooting … the next day. Well, of course I had time. I just had to postpone my trip to Cologne for a couple of hours. Not a huge challenge although the onset of winter at exactly that day.

It’s incredibly understated to say I appreciate this … I AM DANCING ON THE CEILING, peeps *YAY*

Even though my name is not mentioned in that article (after all the main focus is on KismetYogaStyle and the founder Sylvia Daun) I hardly grasp that Sylvia chose a pic of me for this article. I feel blessed and truly grateful for this grand opportunity ❤

please check out @KismetYogaStyle on Facebook and Instagram or @SylviaKismet on Twitter or visit the webpage
and if you are looking for a great photographer with “the eye” for yoga postures check out @Die Fotogräfinnen on Facebook or visit her website 

[edited: just published this and got a comment from WordPress that this post is my 108th post. Just saying 😉 ]

Are You Creative?

12 Most Striking Tendencies of Creative People

Ever wonder what makes those wacky, creative types tick? How is it that some people seem to come up with all kinds of interesting, original work while the rest of us trudge along in our daily routines?

Creative people are different because they operate a little differently. They:

1. Are easily bored
A short attention span isn’t always a good thing, but it can indicate that the creative person has grasped one concept and is ready to go on to the next one.

2. Are willing to take risks
Fearlessness is absolutely necessary for creating original work, because of the possibility of rejection. Anything new requires a bit of change, and most of us don’t care for change that much.

3. Don’t like rules
Rules, to the creative person, are indeed made to be broken. They are created for us by other people, generally to control a process; the creative person needs freedom in order to work.

4. Ask “what if…”
Seeing new possibilities is a little risky, because it means that something will change and some sort of action will have to be taken. Curiosity is probably the single most important trait of creative people.

5. Make lots of mistakes
A photographer doesn’t just take one shot, and a composer doesn’t just write down a fully realized symphony. Creation is a long process, involving lots of boo-boos along the way. A lot goes in the trash.

6. Collaborate
The hermit artist, alone in his garret, is a romantic notion but not always an accurate one. Comedians, musicians, painters, chefs all get a little better by sharing with others in their fields.

7. Are generous
Truly creative people aren’t afraid to give away their hard-earned knowledge. The chef can give you the recipe because she knows you won’t make it like she does anyway.

8. Are independent
Stepping off the beaten path may be scary, but creative people do it. Children actually do this very well but are eventually trained to follow the crowd.

9. Experiment
Combining things that don’t normally go together can result in brilliance or a giant mess. Trial and error are necessary to the creative process.

10. Motivate themselves
There does seem to be a spark that creative people share, an urgent need to make things. They are willing to run the inherent risks of doing something new in order to get a new result.

11. Work hard
This is probably the most overlooked trait of creative people. People who don’t consider themselves to be creative assume that people who are creative are magical, that ideas just pop into their heads effortlessly. Experienced creative people have developed processes and discipline that make it look easy.

12. Aren’t alone
The good news is that it’s possible for everyone to be creative. There are creative accountants, creative cooks, creative janitors, creative babysitters. Any profession or any hobby can be made into a creative pursuit by embracing and using creative traits.

Do you consider yourself creative? (Say yes.) Finding something you’re really passionate about will help you take a chance and might just result in something wildly creative.











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