Info & Schedule ::: Jul 30 to Aug 5

𝐈𝐧𝐟𝐨 & 𝐒𝐜𝐡𝐞𝐝𝐮𝐥𝐞 𝐧𝐞𝐱𝐭 𝐰𝐞𝐞𝐤.

Not sure if you’ve seen my previous post BUT you can now download two premium meditation classes with my foremost teacher and founder of Katonah Yoga® Nevine Michaan. These are the very first Katonah Yoga® online teachings. Follow >>> this link to my landing page, choose your desired class, enter WELCOMEEARTH LOVE and get a ➡️ 20% discount on your checkout on ON EACH CLASS.

How cool is that?

☀️DON’T MISS IT .. Still spots available for my very first retreat „Your Body is a Magical Abode“☀️
When: Nov 11-14, 2018
Where: St. Peter Ording, Germany

❗️EARLY BIRD (EUR 199,-) ends August 10❗️

➡️ For more info DM me or check out ⏩ ➡️ Retreats

Experiencing the Joy of Katonah Yoga®
A workshop series with Carlos Lu Yoga & myself
When: Sep 7-9, 2018
Where: Lübeck, Germany

➡️ Info & Sign Up with Yoga Pur, Lübeck

Next Katonah Yoga® classes on

Monday, July 30, 800 ~ Jivana Yoga Studio, Stuttgart
Wednesday Aug 1, 1630 ~ Jivana Yoga Studio
Friday, Aug 3, 1700 ~ Fuß über Kopf, Stuttgart

::: next class Monday Aug 6, 800 ~ Jivana Yoga Studio :::

See all my upcoming events on ➡️ On Tour 😎

📸 Sigismondi Photography


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Get your Katonah Yoga Meditation


As a Katonah Yoga® teacher I often get asked if there is a platform with some online classes. My answer is always no. Every one who has ever joined a Katonah Yoga® class will agree that this material wouldn’t transfer very well on an online platform 🤷🏻‍♀️.

But I have really good news 🤩. You can now download two premium meditation classes with Nevine Michaan herself.

Follow ➡️ the link to get a 20% discount on to enjoy the Katonah Yoga® 9 min King of the Mountain Meditation whenever and whereever you want 👑. This guided video meditation by Nevine will leave you feeling well integrated and radiant through out the day. The art of this invigorating standing pose is to learn how to be your own King of your own Mountain. Through pranayama breath work and Nevine’s profound teachings of the Magic Square mythology, she’ll guide you through a standing position that will clear your senses and reconnects you to the internal seasons and the cosmic divine which lies with in. It is easy to remember and to apply to your day-to-day practice and lifestyle.

Follow ➡️ this link to get a 20% discount on for the full 60 min Pranayama Breath Meditation Class 💫. This recording will elevate you directly into Nevine’s class, experiencing a powerful electrifying breath work which will ignite your primal drives. This master class is intoxicating and the results are exhilarating, it will leave you refreshed and recharged for days to come.

Connect with your core self, breathe away the stress and step away from your hectic day to nourish your soul with this electrifying pranayama breath work.


Instagram GiveAway ☸️ #YogaMand60k ☸️

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Sixty. Thousand … that is a 6 with five Zeros. It’s an incredible number. I feel so honoured and blessed. I am beyond grateful for your open mind, our open hearts, and your open ears to listen.

I want to say thank you to all of you who decided to follow my journey. You all make my heart sing … every single day. Many thanks to everyone for all the love & support you spread on my page and my pics. It goes straight into my heart ❤️

To give something back I teamed up with some of my favourite partners:

🦋 @liforme will offer a mat (I just looove their mats)

🦋 @dharmayogawheel will offer an Eco Wheel (no backbending without them)

🦋 @shaktiactivewear will offer a 50$ gift voucher (I’m so excited about the fabrics)

to one of you 😍

two simple RULES:

🚦 you don’t have to follow me (only if you really, really like what I’m doing) BUT … please show some L❤️VE to the sponsors and hit the follow button 🙏🏼

🚦 you don’t have to repost this flyer (only if you really, really want to help to SPREAD the word) BUT … please leave a comment and tag your best IG friend and why he or she is in need of a new mat, a wheel or an outfit 🦋. You can comment as much as you wish to but I ask you to mention only one IG handle per comment. Thank you 🙏🏼.

I will put all names in a hat and the lucky winners will be announced on Feb 14
(yes, Valentine’s Day) 💝

With love & gratitude to all of you in this amazing IG community

Drea xx 💋

YogaMand’s Schedule ::: May 9 to May 15

“The act of speaking our intentions aloud shifts them from wishful thinking into action.” ~ Michael Thomas Sunnarborg

funky crow

This weeks classes

Wednesday, May 11, 1630 ~ Back Care, Jivana, Stuttgart
Thursday, May 12, 1630 ~ Katonah Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga Sindelfingen

☀☀☀ und nächsten Samstag bin ich in Wörth a.d. Isar ☀☀☀

Saturday, May 14, 1030 ~ Workshop “Be Spherical”, present yoga, Wörth a.d. Isar
Saturday, Mar 14, 1430 ~ Workshop “Just Sit & Feel”, present yoga, Wörth a.d. Isar


::: next class Monday, May 16, 800 ~ Katonah Yoga „Get Ready“, Jivana, Stuttgart :::

Say it out loud, visualize and GO for it ❤

(outfit Liquido Active, Australia)


Interested in a private session? Lots of options available, email me yogamand(a)icloud(dot)com or check out the website for a studio close to you


No Brainer ::: Ambassador for Liquido Active, Australia

LiquidoWideLeggedForwardFoldI’m honored and grateful that an amazing brand asked me to be their ambassador. I bought my first Liquidos three or four years ago. Yes, around that time my obsession with leggings began 🙈😂

I still wear them. They never lost their form or colours. Every time I post a pic wearing them on one of the social media platforms I got asked what brand that is. Maybe you can imagine me head over heals when they asked me. Of course I said yes because I truly love the buttery soft fabrics, the unique and timeless patterns 💛

If you like them as much as I do use ASLIQUIDO20 for a 20% discount on their entire website (including sale items).

find them on the web here Liquido Active, Australia
on Facebook Liquido Active or Instagram @liquidoactive

The Brand

LiquidoShortsLiquido is known for designing limited edition, all day activewear that can seamlessly transition throughout the different phases of one’s day, making their products exclusive and irresistible to those who want to make a statement in their activewear. New Limited Edition prints are released throughout the year and all production processes are sweatshop-free. The name Liquido was chosen because, just as water is essential to life, the founders of Liquido believe good clothing is a bare necessity that all people deserve.

Since Liquido’s inception, yogi and entrepreneur, Renata Facchini, has brought the brand to Australia and the United States. Liquido now offers everything from yoga pants to high-impact sports bras, and distributes worldwide. The brand is coveted by those in the know in both the fitness and fashion industries.

All leggings are:

• Limited edition items
• Buttery soft with a stretch that will never let you down
• Made with Active LYCRA® Fibre Technology
• 50+ UVA/UVB protective
• Sweatshop-free
• Quick-drying and durable


YogaMand’s Schedule ::: Nov 23 to Nov 29

“Surrender is a powerful force.” ~ P.C. Cast


This weeks schedule

Wednesday, Nov 25, 1630 ~ Back Care, Jivana, Stuttgart
Thursday, Nov 26, 1630 ~ Inside Katonah, Vinyasa Yoga Sindelfingen
Saturday, Nov 28, 1300 ~ 300+ InfoWorkshop, Now.Yoga, Wiesbaden
Sunday, Nov 29, 1030 ~ Sunday Yoga, YogaBlume, Ludwigsburg

::: next class Monday, Nov 30, 800 ~ Get Ready, Jivana, Stuttgart ::

Sweet surrender ❤


Interested in a private session? Lots of options available, email me yogamand(a)icloud(dot)com or check out the website for a studio close to you


YogaMand’s Schedule ::: Nov 16 to Nov 22

“Sometimes I feel like a junkie. One minute something happens in my life and I’m flying. Next minute I take a nose-dive and just as I’m about to hit the ground with full force something else will have me flying again.” ~ Melina Marchetta


This weeks schedule

Wednesday, Nov 18, 1630 ~ Back Care, Jivana, Stuttgart
Thursday, Nov 19, 1630 ~ Inside Katonah, Vinyasa Yoga Sindelfingen
Saturday, Nov 21, 1030 ~ Yoga Open Level, Fuß über Kopf, Stuttgart

::: next class Monday, Nov 23, 800 ~ Get Ready, Jivana, Stuttgart :::

Come fly with me and – like Douglas Adams wrote – throw yourself at the ground and miss 😂


Interested in a private session? Lots of options available, email me yogamand(a)icloud(dot)com or check out the website for a studio close to you 😍


Ambassador for IAMVIBES, London, United Kingdom

I am honoured and proud to be an ambassador for IAMVIBES (find link below). Literally, I love the vibes behind this brand and the fabrics feels like a second skin … simply perfect.

The founder of IAMVIBES asked me to answer some questions and well .. here we go



For me it’s all about balance … The world we know is driven by solar (male) energy for centuries now. Lots of male behavior has written the story of this planet. And for some time it was the best that could happen to us. By now I think it’s time to change the approach of “owning” the world. The imbalance shows in so many ways. Lunar (female) energy wants to protect and further their children so they can live a “better” life. This energy will help us to find patience, respect, wisdom and love for each other to share a world which becomes smaller and smaller so we all find a place to BE in here.



I found my way of sharing in teaching. I became a yoga teacher quite late in my life and I am truly grateful for my highly inspiring teachers. I teach mostly small classes so I can embark myself with each and every single student.

Besides that … A tool I love to use is InstaGram and other social media channels like WordPress, Twitter or FaceBook. The (yoga) community is incredible encouraging, inspiring and supporting.



Growing up and living in a (solar) world where we are forced to rely on knowledge and experience I made it my goal to “work” on my stability so I can take some risk to open to take steps into my future instead of being forced to walk a path others have chosen for me. It’s an opening up to one’s own potential.

Every morning I practice some breathing techniques followed by a yoga sequence with lots of hip openers and back bends. It’s a meditative practice and a work of art which is never to be finished, yet always re-invented by my own skill and imagination. The body/mind link is real and works both ways. Changing ones attitude adjusts ones body, and with adjusting my body my attitude is changing. “Well-adjusted postures are transformative, they not only enable a fluid practice and allow for an unobstructed flow of energy, they alter mental patterns and develop profound self-awareness.”.

In addition I implemented some Ayurvedic rituals in my daily life almost two years ago. It’s called Dinacharya and as a first step it’s all about changing your daily habits. It enables you to live more in synchronization with nature. This includes of course a healthy nutrition, enough sleep and moving my body.

So again, for me it’s all about balancing things out. Male/female, body/mind, inner/outer world … for me it has to be well-rounded.


👉 visit
and get 10% off any purchase with code IAMYOGAMAND 👈

Das ist schon ein Glücksgefühl … What a Sense of Pleasure …

(see below for English version)

… wenn man sich in einem Zeitungsartikel einer der größten deutschen Tagesszeitungen entdeckt. Die FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) hat am vergangenen Freitag
(13. Februar 2015) über Sylvia Daun, der Gründerin von KismetYogaStyle berichtet.

FAZ 20150213

Wie ein Bild von mir dazu erscheint? Nun ja, ich habe am letzten Samstag des Jahres 2014 eine liebe Anfrage von KismetYogaStyle bekommen, ob ich nicht zufällig am nächsten Tag Zeit für ein Fotoshooting in Tübingen mit der zauberhaften Fany Fazii hätte. Hatte ich natürlich, ich musste dafür nur meine Abfahrt nach Köln etwas nach hinten verschieben. Trotz Wintereinbruch kein großes Unterfangen.

Es ist unendlich untertrieben wenn ich behaupte, ich freue mich darüber … Leute, ICH TANZE AN DER DECKE. Die Welt steht Kopf *YIPPEEE*

Auch wenn mein Name in dem Artikel nicht erscheint (schließlich geht es hier ja um Kismet und die Gründerin Sylvia), kann ich es kaum fassen, dass Sylvia ein Bild von mir für den Artikel ausgewählt hat. Ich bin zutiefst dankbar für die riesige Chance, die mir Kismet geboten hat ❤


What a sense of pleasure …

… when you find yourself in an article in one of the biggest daily newspaper of Germany, the FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung). Last Friday (Feb 13, 2015) this article introducing Sylvia Daun, KismetYogaStyle was published.

Why is there a pic of Andrea you may ask. Well, I got a request on the last Saturday in 2014 from KismetYogaStyle. She asked if I -by accident- have time for a photoshooting … the next day. Well, of course I had time. I just had to postpone my trip to Cologne for a couple of hours. Not a huge challenge although the onset of winter at exactly that day.

It’s incredibly understated to say I appreciate this … I AM DANCING ON THE CEILING, peeps *YAY*

Even though my name is not mentioned in that article (after all the main focus is on KismetYogaStyle and the founder Sylvia Daun) I hardly grasp that Sylvia chose a pic of me for this article. I feel blessed and truly grateful for this grand opportunity ❤

please check out @KismetYogaStyle on Facebook and Instagram or @SylviaKismet on Twitter or visit the webpage
and if you are looking for a great photographer with “the eye” for yoga postures check out @Die Fotogräfinnen on Facebook or visit her website 

[edited: just published this and got a comment from WordPress that this post is my 108th post. Just saying 😉 ]