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This style of yoga is designed by Physical Therapist and Yoga Teacher Lara Heimann to light up the body & mind.

About LYT®

Founded by international yoga pioneer and physical therapist Lara Heimann, LYT (Lara’s Yoga Technique) is a sophisticated method of practice that is based on the three principles of Physiology, Kinesiology and Neurology. With a core understanding of movement from a cellular level while highlighting the mechanics of how movement happens, LYT is an intense movement experience that systematically overrides the patterns of compensation and poor habits through an exploration of brain mapping and purposeful movement. Simple to both teach and practice, LYT classes emphasizing intelligent sequencing, smart cueing and alignment.

LYT® Classes

Every class uses developmental sequencing, core integration, functional movement, and safe mobility to guide you through better movement patterns. Creative and focused flows allow for more freedom and range of motion to release tightness & restriction in the body’s soft tissue. With an emphasis on strength, adaptability, inverting, and stimulating the brain, this vinyasa style flow is certain to flip your perspective and have you reaching new heights on & off the mat!

About Lara Heimann

Lara’s specialized LYT style yoga method champions freedom through safer, smarter and more conscious movement patterns

Lara’s finely curated LYT style yoga method speaks to the physical deficiencies of modern life, and uses freedom in movement to champion wellness and balance

Created from 25 years of perfecting her own practice informed by her physical therapy training, Lara Heimann’s LYT style yoga  is the perfect marriage of movement and anatomy.

Lara’ LYT style yoga is grounded in the principals of physical therapy and neurodevelopmental training to yield smarter and safer movement patterns.

Lara honed her LYT methodology through 25 years of yoga and physical therapy practice, working with tens of thousands of students internationally during workshops, trainings, and retreats.

Was so nice to be part of your class today and to meet you.  The language did not pose any problem and I appreciate your willingness to provide the English guidance.  I was able to visually follow you. […] I also like your words about “moving and looking forward” and the empowerment language that you use.  You’re such a great teacher Andrea and Thank you for the class. 


Die Klassen sind einfach der Wahnsinn, fundiertes Fachwissen pädagogisch sinnvoll unterrichtet, mit Leidenschaft bei den Schülern, absolute Wiederempfehlung. Danke für so einen wundervollen Unterricht. Vorsicht Suchtgefahr.