YogaMand and the Sea

“There was a magic about the sea. […] It was a living thing that as as unpredictable as a great stage actor: it could be calm and welcoming, opening its arms to embrace it’s audience one moment, but then could explode with its stormy tempers, flinging people around, wanting them out, attacking coastlines, breaking down islands. It had a playful side too, as it enjoyed the crowd, tossed the children about, knocked lilos over, tipped over windsurfers, occasionally gave sailors helping hands; all done with a secret little chuckle” ~ Cecelia Ahern

Camel at the Sea
When two half of a soul are finally see each other again there is always, always a phenomenal „Hello, how are you“. That’s how it felt for me when I got to the ocean last weekend to spend a day with this chuckling sea and three amazing women.

♥️Much love your way Michelle, Hannah and Chelsea ♥️

photo credits Chelsea Hoeffler (and she did an amaaaaaazing job!!!)

Green Drinks Milk-loaded

Wer’s noch nicht getan hat … einfach mal probieren. Ich find’s unglaublich lecker.

Einfach eure Lieblingskombination von Green Protein & Mineral Booster Powder in Mandelmilch *) (oder Haselnussmilch*)) auflösen und… genießen.

Ich selber mische mir gerne 2TL Weizengrasssaftpulver, 1TL Gerstengrasssaftpulver, 1TL-Spitze Spirulina zusammen und trinke das normalerweise in einem Fruchtsmoothie gleich nach dem Aufstehen.

Die Idee mit der Mandelmilch ist natürlich geklaut. Am vergangenen Wochenende wurde in einem Bio-Supermarkt ein Proteinpulver zum Ausprobieren angeboten und das Pulver wurde …na? … in Mandelmilch zum Probieren angeboten 😉

Ich sag nur … YUMMIE 😀

Green Shots Milk Loaded
Green Shots Milk Loaded

If you haven’t tried it yet … just do it! It’s incredible *lecka*.

Mix your favourite green protein & mineral booster powders with almond (or hazelnut) milk and … ENJOY.

I love to enjoy my green drink (2tsp wheatgrass powder, 1tsp barleygrass powder and a teaspoon of caraway of spirulina mixed in a fruit smoothie) right after I got up in the morning.

For sure this thing with the almond milk is a pinched idea. Last weekend at Wholefoods Market Kensington they offered a new mixture of protein powder mixed in … guess what? … almond milk 😉

I just say … YUMMIE 😀

*) und ja, es heißt, zumindest in Deutschland, Mandel (oder Haselnuss) Drink. Sieht aber trotzdem aus wie Milch 😉