InstaGram #10568YMGiveAway

 “Every sunrise is an invitation for us to arise and brighten someone’s day.”
~ Richelle E. Goodrich


Every day I wake up and all of YOU are brightening my day. Today is the day I want to lighten up YOUR’s, my dear friends! I thought a lot about this and I think it’s time to say 🙏 Thank You, Loves 🙏 Thank you for an amazing journey so far. Thank You for your passion, your words of encouragement, your love and your light ☀️ I’ve had the chance to find some amazing friends in this little square and I call myself one lucky girl I got three beautiful women on board of this #10568YMGiveAWay ❤️

My #SoulSista Susan @slmquilt found her amazing talent in making beautiful hand-knotted #BlissfulWaterMalas 😍 She is offering to one account a customized Mala Bracelet ❤️

My #TwinByheart Kira @buddhamom76 who is not only a precious soul but also an amazing artisan in creating unique home décor items is offering to one account one highly inspiring bulletin board made by #ZenAcreCreations ❤️

And the amazing Natalie @yoga_democracy who believed and proved that yoga wear could be made based on a corporate philosophy that matched the values of the practice itself is offering to one account one pair of her beautiful leggings.

I truly believe in and love the work of these three women and I thought it appropriate to share these awesome goodies with you.

To be eligable to receive one of the items above please like, comment if you want and repost this photo (InstaGram only). Tag (and if you like what you see follow) @slmquilt @buddhamom76 @yoga_democracy @yogamand and tag three of your friends who you think would like to get some love from the above mentioned girls. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #10568YMGiveAWay so I can find you. The winners will be annouced soon! 🙏

Dear gorgeous friends, million of thanks to you for walking this path with me and brigthening up my little squares. Love you ❤️

Das ist schon ein Glücksgefühl … What a Sense of Pleasure …

(see below for English version)

… wenn man sich in einem Zeitungsartikel einer der größten deutschen Tagesszeitungen entdeckt. Die FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) hat am vergangenen Freitag
(13. Februar 2015) über Sylvia Daun, der Gründerin von KismetYogaStyle berichtet.

FAZ 20150213

Wie ein Bild von mir dazu erscheint? Nun ja, ich habe am letzten Samstag des Jahres 2014 eine liebe Anfrage von KismetYogaStyle bekommen, ob ich nicht zufällig am nächsten Tag Zeit für ein Fotoshooting in Tübingen mit der zauberhaften Fany Fazii hätte. Hatte ich natürlich, ich musste dafür nur meine Abfahrt nach Köln etwas nach hinten verschieben. Trotz Wintereinbruch kein großes Unterfangen.

Es ist unendlich untertrieben wenn ich behaupte, ich freue mich darüber … Leute, ICH TANZE AN DER DECKE. Die Welt steht Kopf *YIPPEEE*

Auch wenn mein Name in dem Artikel nicht erscheint (schließlich geht es hier ja um Kismet und die Gründerin Sylvia), kann ich es kaum fassen, dass Sylvia ein Bild von mir für den Artikel ausgewählt hat. Ich bin zutiefst dankbar für die riesige Chance, die mir Kismet geboten hat ❤


What a sense of pleasure …

… when you find yourself in an article in one of the biggest daily newspaper of Germany, the FAZ (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung). Last Friday (Feb 13, 2015) this article introducing Sylvia Daun, KismetYogaStyle was published.

Why is there a pic of Andrea you may ask. Well, I got a request on the last Saturday in 2014 from KismetYogaStyle. She asked if I -by accident- have time for a photoshooting … the next day. Well, of course I had time. I just had to postpone my trip to Cologne for a couple of hours. Not a huge challenge although the onset of winter at exactly that day.

It’s incredibly understated to say I appreciate this … I AM DANCING ON THE CEILING, peeps *YAY*

Even though my name is not mentioned in that article (after all the main focus is on KismetYogaStyle and the founder Sylvia Daun) I hardly grasp that Sylvia chose a pic of me for this article. I feel blessed and truly grateful for this grand opportunity ❤

please check out @KismetYogaStyle on Facebook and Instagram or @SylviaKismet on Twitter or visit the webpage
and if you are looking for a great photographer with “the eye” for yoga postures check out @Die Fotogräfinnen on Facebook or visit her website 

[edited: just published this and got a comment from WordPress that this post is my 108th post. Just saying 😉 ]