Today … a year ago! I say THANK YOU!

Many, many thanks to … yes, to what? Or to whom? Universe? Destiny? God? Dharma or karma?… All the same.

I say thank you to all the big and more to all the small occurrences and circumstances in my life which brought me all the way along to where I am today.

The trip was not always easy and several loops were partially necessary. Sometimes I haven’t noted the signs destiny has given me. Then there came just the big bat 🙂
Everything, really everything has led to the fact that I recognise the signs better and clearer where it leads me.

Yesterday I have told my Herzensmenschin (soul mate) that I got more speed tickets during the few months I live here than during the entire 20 years I’ve lived in my Ulm (except for parking tickets ;))

Should this possibly be a sign … again? I think… YEEEESSSS! Now it is only about how I cope with it. For … what have we learnt?

You do not always get what you want, but what you need.

In this sense I will practice patience, I will accept my way and do not rebel anymore. To be honest? It is too tiring and exhausting.

And here I stand (or better) sit and allow myself a small excursion to April, 2011. This landmark in my life which has opened a heavy, at least 100 tons oaken door in such a short time and which turned my life so much… has made it more (literally spoken) wonderful / full of wonder.

The journey isn’t over yet … and I await with a laughing heart what comes along. Since I know that it IS … only good.