YogaMand’s Schedule ::: Feb 8 to Feb 14

“February – the month of love..?!!
No wonder the shortest one in the calendar.”
~ Dinesh Kumar Biran


Weekly Schedule

Wednesday, Feb 10, 1630 ~ Back Care, Jivana, Stuttgart
Thursday, Feb 11, 1630 ~ Katonah Vinyasa, Vinyasa Yoga Sindelfingen

::: next class Monday, Feb 15, 800 ~ Get Ready, Jivana, Stuttgart ::

Don’t take yourself too serious and just BE the glorious person you already are ❤


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YogaMand’s Schedule ::: 07/27 to 08/02

„Have enough courage to trust love one more time and always one more time.“
~ Maya Angelou


This weeks schedule

Wednesday, Jul 29, 1630 ~ Back Care, Jivana, Stuttgart
Thursday, Jul 30, 1630 ~ Inside Katonah, Vinyasa Yoga Sindelfingen

::: next class Monday, Aug 3, 800 ~ Get Ready, Jivana, Stuttgart :::

Let’s do it again … one more time ❤


Interested in a private session? Lots of options available, email me yogamand(a)icloud(dot)com or check out the website for a studio close to you


YogaMand and The Spirit of Detroit, MI, US

The last couple of days I spent my time with some of the most incredible women in this world. We had an epic IG yogi meet-up and Jen – you can see her in the picture below just asked me if we just get up a bit earlier to make a detour to Detroit to get some shots in front of the Spirit of Detroit before we head on to the airport. I said, well … YES!!!

… it was absolutely worth getting up at early to see places where you’ve never been before.

Thank you, Jen for showing me Detroit’s Spirit Of Detroit aka The Jolly Green Giant and more in your neighborhood ❤ Detroit

“The statue’s body represents man that lifts up the community. In his left hand, he holds a sphere representing God and all that is good in possessing faith. In the right hand, he protects the family unit, which is representative of a strong city. The statue expresses the concept that God, through the spirit of man is manifested in the family, the noblest of human relationships.” found at Huffington Post

Be spherical – How to get around YourSelf (Apr 19, 2015)

Was für ein schöner Tag. Letzten Sonntag habe ich meinen ersten Workshop im in Wiesbaden unterrichtet. Liebsten Dank an alle, die dabei waren. Ihr habt diesen Workshop zu etwas ganz besonderem gemacht.

Thaaaaaank you so much for inviting me, Jang-Ho and Frank and many thanks to the whole team. It was a very special day and I’m sending you biiiiiiig, big HUUUUGS. Much love to you ❤

Bis zum nächsten Mal ❤


(photo credits Jang-Ho Kim und Michaela Bilo)

YogaMand’s Schedule ::: 01/12 to 01/18

“I must learn to love the fool in me – the one who feels too much, talks too much, takes too many chances, wins sometimes and loses often, lacks self-control, loves and hates, hurts and gets hurt, promises and breaks promises, laughs and cries.“
~ Theodore Isaac Rubin


This weeks schedule

Wednesday, Jan 14 1630 ~ Back Care, Jivana, Stuttgart
Thursday, Jan 15, 1630 ~ Inside Katonah, Vinyasa Yoga Sindelfingen
Sunday, Jan 18, 1030 ~ Sunday Yoga, YogaBlume, Ludwigsburg

::: next class Monday, Jan 19, 800 ~ Get Ready, Jivana, Stuttgart :::

… be rad enough to love yourself as you are and ENJOY ❤


Interested in a private session? Lots of options available, email me yogmand(a)icloud(dot)com or check out the website for a studio close to you


10 Ways to Slow Down and Love Your Life Again

If the pace of your life has sped up to hyper-speed, and you can’t reach the bottom of the to-do ist, try a new strategy: slow down. When you are spinning out of control in the tornado, find the eye of the storm to rest in. Here are 10 easy ways to do this:

1. Power nap. Fifteen minutes will do it – recharge your batteries, reduce stress, fire up creativity. Press reset on your nervous system. I call it creative loafing….or the power of the pause.

2. Move your body. Get outside and take a whiff of fresh air. Do a walking meditation – focus on your in-breath and out-breath for ten minutes as you put one foot in front of the other. This cleanses the cobwebs from an overactive mind. Or walk with a friend or co-worker and get some feel good boosters from having company as you wake up your mind with nature.

3. Make a cuppa and put on some music. Tea rituals in Morocco and Japan are even used by businessmen – take the time to savour the flavours and the moment. Drink some decaf green tea or chamomile instead of that fourth cup of coffee. Music is also a great relaxer. If it’s soothing instrumental music, it may even help you focus.

4. Do one thing at a time and breathe. Your brain can only focus on one thing at a time, so stop, take a few deep centering breaths and reconnect to the parasympathetic nervous system. Sit with your back resting against the back of a chair, and feel each out-breath grow longer than the in-breath. This brings you into deeper resonance with the rhythms of your body, slows your heart rate and allows your mind to unhook from anxiety or worry. One to three minutes.

5. Use Food to come to your senses. Indulge in the sights and smells of colorful fruits and vegetables at a local farmers’ market. Try a new cheese. Experiment with making home-made soup. Add some invigorating ginger and garlic to a soothing broth. Make something from scratch. Wake up your taste-buds.

6. Create a tech-free zone in your home for one day a week. (OK, start with an afternoon): Unplug the laptop, IPad, Blackberry, IPhone, email, cell phone, whatever has you hooked up and connected to cyberspace 24-7. Detox from technology once a week, and feel your nervous energy calm down. Imagine an hour of silence…how restful that would be.

7. Surrender some items from the to-do list. Put off until tomorrow what absolutely doesn’t need to be done today. Be happy with scratching two things off your list and getting those done. It doesn’t mean you’re lazy – just that Superwoman/man needs to hang up her cape and take a brief sabbatical. Yeah, the root word is Sabbath, that day off we used to take once a week?

8. Learn how to say no, gently. If you have a hard time with this, get out your journal and make a list of what feeds you and what drains you. If the ‘drains me’ list is longer, start by cutting back on one of those activities or obligations. If that’s not possible (say it’s cooking meals for your elderly parent), then enlist some help. You deserve a break. Caregivers especially need to set boundaries.

9. Play more. When life is all work and no play, Jack or Jill is a very dull boy or girl. Loosen up, get out the Wii game and beat the kids at it. Try Rock–band and let your inner David Bowie out to play. Moms especially need to learn from Dads (who know how to do this) – or ignore the pile of laundry for one hour and go outside and build a snow fort!

10. Ground yourself. When things are spinning out of control, take drastic measures. Close the door to your office or bedroom, sit with feet planted on the floor, and breathe into your feet. Imagine a cord is growing from your tailbone down to the earth like the roots of a tree. Imagine your breath going up and down your spine into this grounding cord. This absolutely slows down the maelstrom and reconnects you to your inner core. Take ten minutes with some soothing music.

There you have it – ten quick ways to slow down, and give yourself a break. Give the world the gift of your serene presence.

Love your life again.

(borrowed by Jennifer Boire)