Garland Pose / Malasana

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🌟 #March2💃5Poses 🌟
Day.8 of our journey to FireFly aka Tittibhasana is #GarlandPose #SquatPose #Malasana 🐜
I looooved your Forward Folds yesterday. Practice this bend leg variation everyday and you’ll see your hammies soften soon.
Today’s #HipOpener is my all-time favorite as well. If you want to do some magic to your hips practice this every day for at least 5 mins. 1 min 5 times a day is working, too 😉
▶️ Repeat yesterday’s forward fold for at least 5 min. 😉
▶️ Place your feet approx 3-4 fists apart (like yesterday measure yourself up)
▶️ The outer edge of your feet parallel to your mat (again slightly #pigeontoedfeet )
▶️ If your heels turn inward #CharlieChaplinFeet use blocks under your heels
▶️ If your knees are tight and/or complaining sit on two or three blocks, place them a bit farther away
▶️ Bring your upper body as deep between your knees as possible. Knees shoulder level
▶️ Hands in Prayer’s mudra start to bring your forearms parallel to your mat so you create a good suffolding. Remember your legs jamming your upper body so you need a counterforce here
▶️ Press your knees together like you wanna jam your shoulders/upper body. If your heels are turned inward you will get compromise your knees
▶️ Stick your butt out (tilt your pelvic forward)
▶️ Lift your chest proudly, breathe, smile … and count to 💯
❗️Don’t forget to do your warm-ups. Do yesterday’s ForwardFold You will surprise yourself how much your hammies will open up soon. Then you can proceed to practice today’s pose.
🎥vid is 2x sped up. If you have ANY questions please ask 🙏🏼
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(originally posted on InstaGram by @yogamand on Mar 8, 2016)