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Sixty. Thousand … that is a 6 with five Zeros. It’s an incredible number. I feel so honoured and blessed. I am beyond grateful for your open mind, our open hearts, and your open ears to listen.

I want to say thank you to all of you who decided to follow my journey. You all make my heart sing … every single day. Many thanks to everyone for all the love & support you spread on my page and my pics. It goes straight into my heart ❤️

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With love & gratitude to all of you in this amazing IG community

Drea xx 💋

Guru Purnima ::: July 31, 2015

 “Teaching is not a lost art, but the regard for it is a lost tradition.” ~ Jacques Barzun

My Teachers

My teacher Marc Holzman invited us all to post at least once until today to light up this social media space in remembrance of someone (human or otherwise) whom you call Teacher: a photo, a quote, or a ‘share’ of some aspect of wisdom that they imparted.

So, this Friday, on this glorious full moon on July 31 marks #GuruPurnima – a day in which we pause and graciously bow to our beloved teachers and are humbly reminded that we did not walk this path alone. We were supported and guided by a lineage of grace.

What is a teacher? (a definition by Marc Holzman)

  • Someone who compels me to stand taller, commit to deeper integrity, and reminds me to live more honestly and compassionately.
  • A guide who reminds me to be a better human just by being in their presence.
  • Someone who instills an instantaneous and overwhelming feeling of gratitude by the mere mention of their name.
  • Someone who holds me accountable to remember love.

I want to list “my” teachers who had the deepest impact on me ❤

My very first yoga teacher was Young-Ho Kim  🙏 With him a new era began for me. I loved the way he combined a vigorous practice with modern music and tons of fun in performing on the mat. I stayed with him the first years until I injured myself. I had to choose a different practice. I will be forever grateful that he openend that magic door to me. He was my very first teacher. And as Marc said “you never forget your first” ❤

It happened that I met David Regelin  🙏 With him a hidden door came into picture and all of a sudden so many things were easy to understand, so logical, so geometrical, so true. I still learn with him. He is a teacher I can listen to forever. So much to discover. I am truly blessed that our paths crossed ❤

One day I asked David who his teachers are and he answered Nevine Michaan, founder of Katonah Yoga 🙏 With her I learned to take a risk and open myself to my potential, to actually have a look and see my vision, to name, describe it and stand up for it. With her I learned that “Everything works as long as you do it right!”. I’m still learning to do it right .. with her love and support ❤

Another amazing teacher of mine is the woman beside her: Abbie Galvin 🙏 These two powerful women worked (and still work) on that alignment method I call #KatonahYoga for more than 40 years. With her I learned that yoga is not about flexibility, it’s all about stability. I learned freaky adjustments and with them the easyness of asanas when you finally get there … with the help of others ❤

Whenever the student is ready the teacher will come .. and there he was 🙏 Marc and I met at that one perfect moment. Although I practiced yoga for quite some time and I quit smoking and thought I would live a healthy life I had a feeling there is something completely wrong because I often felt tired and I drank too much. With his brilliant guidance I managed to change my daily habits for a better life. It was such an honor to be one of his first Dinacharyans .. So much love and gratitude for you, Marc ❤

I’d like to add something Marc posted in his share: Teachers don’t always assume the conventional form of a human. Deepest thanks to Africa. This continent taught me to be patient and grateful. My motorbike accident – for surviving and adjusting. And to “anyone who has betrayed my trust: for reminding me how NOT to live in this world” couldn’t have said it better, Marc ❤