Do you want to become a yoga teacher?


Do you want to be a certified LYT Yoga® teacher? Do you want to deepen your own practice and understanding of your body, spirit, and mind?

Then I have good news for you.

The LYT® Level One Teacher Training starts this week on January 23. Cohort 5 enrollment is open now through January 23rd! Payment plan available!

Join me and the 700+ teachers who are already lighting the world on fire with our LYT® Level 1 200-hour online teacher training! Of course, this is a YA certified training.

the schedule

Week 1 – January 23rd – January 29th
Week 2 – January 30th – February 5th
Week 3 – February 6th – February 12th
Week 4 – February 13th – February 19th
Week 5 – February 20th – February 26th
2 Week Break
February 27 – March 12th
Week 6 – March 13th – March 19th
Week 7 – March 20th – March 26th
Week 8 – March 27th – April and
Week g – April 3rd – April gth
Week 10 – April 10th – April 16th
All coursework due by May 7th

Money, money, money.

This training is worth its money. It’ll cost you $2500 USD (payment plan available: 5 payments of $500).

Are you still on the fence? Lara will go LIVE on her Instagram account this Thursday,
January 20th at 6:30pm Euopean Time (12:30pm EST) to answer any questions you have!

Can’t make it to the LIVE call?

Send me your questions and your preferred way to communicate and I will get back to you ASAP.

Interested in my point of view?

As some of you might know I used the last two years to get educated. I chose Lara’s 200hr Training and followed up with her 300hr modules. In December 2021 I received my 500hr certification in the LYT Yoga® Method. After teaching for over a decade I never thought I would see the need for another level 1 yoga teacher training. But then I found LYT Yoga®.

This training enabled me to understand the esoteric dialogue I taught even better. After all I grew up in this modern world, this modern life with all its yearning and need for answers. LYT Yoga® gave me the competence to explain the WHYs more than I could ever have imagined.

It made me not only a better teacher but also a better educator. Because let’s be honest, if you go home from class and got nothing else than a few moments of fun, no take-aways, no useful tools for your all-day-life… that’s surely not enough, is it?

Ok, this is from the official LYT Yoga website but it’ll give you the perfect reasons to sign up for this training.

This 200hr teacher training is the most comprehensive anatomy-based yoga teacher training I know of. Taught by Physical Therapist and creator of LYT Yoga®, Lara Heimann, this highly regarded online yoga course is designed to learn the body as a system for elevating consciousness. This core curriculum covers the 10 core LYT Yoga® classes and breaks down the anatomy, safe cuing, and philosophy you need to start teaching and making a positive impact on people’s lives right away.

Course starts January 23rd, 2022!

and if you decide to go for it I will be here for your support ❤️

CAN’T WAIT!! Mein erstes 30 hr KatonahYoga® Intensive

In etwas weniger als zwei Wochen beginnt mein erstes 30 hr Intensive Teacher Training. Im Moment bin ich damit beschäftigt, spannendes vom letzten Wochenende mit in mein Drehbuch aufzunehmen. Es wird das erste KatonahYoga® Intensive in deutscher Sprache 🗣 🇩🇪😍.

Das ganze findet am 28./29.10.2017 und am 18./19.11.2017 in den Räumen des PureYoga in Ludwigsburg statt und ist für Lehrer und begeisterte Schüler, die ihre Praxis vertiefen wollen gleichermaßen geeignet.

❓Neugierig geworden? Kennst du jemanden, den das interessiert? Teile diesen Beitrag mit deinen Freunden. Soweit ich weiß, gibt es noch paar freie Plätze. 👉🏼Klick einfach auf den >>> Link, um zur Anmeldeseite des Studios zu kommen.

Freue mich so unglaublich darauf ❤️.


Only two more weeks to go before the first out of two weekends of my very first 30hr Intensive Teacher Training. I am super busy with preparing and adding forgotten parts of #TheMaterial to my script 🤓. It’ll be the firstKatonahYoga®  TT in German and is suitable for teachers and dedicated students who want to deepen their practice.

Curious? Share this with a friend who might be interested.

Dates: Oct 28-28, 2017 and Nov 18-19, 2017 at PureYoga, Ludwigsburg. There are a few spots left.

Can’t wait to see you there ❤️.