My favourite Yoga Teachers

Nevine Michaan, NYC, USA (click here)
Abbie Galvin, NYC, USA (click here)
Dages Juvelier Keates, NYC (click here)
Melissa French, NYC, USA (click here)
David Regelin, NYC, USA (click here)
Marc Holzman, Paris, France (click here)

Malvine Lapina, Frankfurt, Deutschland (click here)
Dorin Walde, Frankfurt, Deutschland (click here)
Daniela Jenkac, München, Deutschland (click here)

My favourite Yoga Studios

Katonah Yoga, Bedford Hills, New York, USA (click here)
The Studio, New York City, New York, USA (click here), Wiesbaden, Germany (click here)
Inside Yoga, Frankfurt, Germany (click here)
Ashtanga Yoga Institute, Ulm, Deutschland (click here)

Jivana Yoga Studio, Stuttgart, Germany (click here)
Fuß über Kopf, Stuttgart, Germany (click here)
PureYoga, Ludwigsburg, Germany (click here)

My favourite Online Store(s)

Online Platforms
WelcomeEarth (click here) ::: use WELCOMEEARTH LOVE for US$20,- off.

MoonChild YogaWear (DK) (click here) ::: use MOONCHILDANDREA on your 1st purchase
LuLuLemon, USA (click here)
AloYoga, USA (click here)
YogaRebel London, UK (click here

Feet Up Trainer (click here) ::: use YOGAMAND for EUR10,- or US$10 off
YogaPro Wheel (click here) ::: use YOGAMAND for US$10 off
LiForme YogaMat (click here)
Manduka (click here)

Scents / Essential Oils
Enfleurage (click here)

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